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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ghee: One of the best "Good Fats"

Ghee (aka clarified butter) is one of the healthiest foods to balance weight, mood, digestion and chronic ailments of all kinds in ayurvedic medicine.

You'll find it in your natural stores, but you can save 50% by making it yourself. For a great local retailer in the NY-NJ-CT area, try for very high quality ghee.

Health Benefits of Ghee:

  • Aids weight loss (Stimulates digestive fire)
  • Promotes longevity. (Assists absorption of vital nutrients)
  • Enhances glow and beauty to skin and hair. (Add to meals for 2 wks to a month to see results)
  • Improves taste and flavor of food...dramatically. (Drizzle up to a tsp over finished dishes for best flavor and minimal calories)
How to make Ghee for yourself:

  1. Place one pound of butter (unsalted) in a good sized pan, with a good heavy base. Heat gently until butter melts, then turn heat up to medium.
  2. Once it starts boiling turn down to a low heat again. Let it simmer away gently. It will foam and splutter. This is just the butter giving off the liquids, as it turns itself into the magical ghee!
  3. Do not cover the pot or you will interfere with this process.
  4. Stir from time to time. After 10-15 minutes it should start to smell 'popcorny' and turn a rich golden shade.
  5. Skim off any foam from the top (this is the portion of butter that causes most stomach problems). When mixture has cooled slightly, pour it into a jar through a piece of cheesecloth and secure with an airtight top. There will be some solids at the bottom of the pan which you can discard.

Ghee has a very long shelf life. Traditionally it is not kept in the fridge, but do so if you prefer. It will easily keep for a few months.

However, once the jar is opened make sure you always use a clean dry spoon to extract the contents or you will easily contaminate it.